Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Soreness

I pushed it pretty hard in the race yesterday. It was my first race since May of 2010. There were a lot of hills. I ran faster than I planned to.

All of that means, all of the muscles in my entire body - legs, of course, but also obliques, back, somehow even my FOREARMS are sore from the effort.

I am so sore that I awoke in the night from the soreness. I'm probably going to have to walk a bit today to get things moving, or tomorrow I'll be completely immobilized.


mm said...

I hope it's the good sore that shows satisfaction with a job well done!

LH said...

I'm not happy about the soreness.

Damn it.

KK said...

hey congrats! but sorry about being so sore. there's a fine line between a good sore for a job well done and being so sore you can't move or sleep.

kc said...

Thanks for the support, friends!!! I'm feeling better now.