Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swag, Swag, Swag

One of my favorite things about fall every year is the new television shows. I mean, let's be real. School is fine, and all, but the TELEVISION.

Dan and I are watching some new stuff. Shows like Revolution and Elementary. I'm also looking forward to the DVDs of last year's seasons of my faves like Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. I'm also into some Netflix stuff like Parenthood.

Television. I just love it. I always have. It's what keeps me going.


Anonymous said...

Me too! Love, mom

mm said...

I'm not a television fan... I can go days without using that piece of equipment. Now, the interweb, that's a completely different story.

LH said...

These 2 shows you mention. Would I like them? What say you?

KC said...

LH, Well, I think you'd love the comedies. Have you watched them? My fave of the new ones is Elementary.

MM - bizarro!! I love the tv so much!!! Also, I heard you were at Talking Volumes tonite! Was it great?

Mom - got my love of TV from you!