Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kids Are So Awesome

Last year, I had a Friday Ten Initiative. I gave $10 to a different organization each Friday. It was cool, and I liked it a lot.

I recently found out that a gal in my neighborhood had a very similar idea, but made it about a million times more awesome. Emily is the 17 year-old sister of our babysitter, Anneleise. Her website, Emily's Faves, donates money each month to one of 10 organizations. She selected the organizations using well-articulated criteria you can see on her website.

Then, each month, she puts 4 organizations up for voting. You donate as much as you want - one vote equals one dollar. Then, at the end of the month, all the money goes to the non-profit with the most votes.

So, basically it's like Friday Ten, but your Friday Ten becomes like a Monthly Five Hundred. That's about how much she donates each time.

Cool, right?

Also, she has a website made with Wix, which I haven't heard of, but I enjoyed navigating. Maybe good for student projects? Check it out!


KC said...

I voted for People Serving People this time. I used to volunteer there when I was in college. I gave it 10 votes for 10 dollars.

mm said...

Cool! She seems like an amazing kid.

LH said...

This is really impressive. Go Emily!

jdoc said...

So awesome. The future is bright.