Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Never Thought I Would Feel So Free

Here's where we're at:

We have conferences tomorrow. We teachers spent the day getting ready by swapping information with each other, so we can now comment on the whole middle schoolers.

I went to my own kids' conferences today. The biggest surprise was that despite crying and clinging to me every morning at drop off, Mac is actually having a super year. The teacher even showed me a slideshow of him looking happy on multiple days and in multiple activities.

His goals are to spend a little less time with his bestie, Gabi. Otherwise, he's doing fine.

I'm sort of shocked.

Shef? Well, he's having a fab year. He wrote in his pre-conference reflection that he feels calm and happy at school. I love that. Way to go, Shef.


Anonymous said...

Great news on both boys! mom

LH said...

Well done, Mac and Shef. We are all extremely proud of these 2.