Sunday, December 9, 2012


Bad news is I still have a rotten cold. Good news is NOTHING - not my cold, not the snowy weather, not my nerves - will keep me from my first adult violin recital this afternoon.

Yesterday, when I was polishing my part with my teacher, she told me two things. First, she said it's time to buy Suzuki Book 4. Second, she said I should be very proud of the work I've done on Corelli's Christmas Concerto Pastorale. I know it's a little bit ridiculous, but I totally AM proud of the work I've done on that piece!!

This afternoon, I'll post the video of the performance even if I screw up.


LH said...

I am so thrilled that you are taking violin lessons.

I have been such a lunkhead on personal goals.

Thanks for being an inspiration. You are phenomenal.

jdoc said...

The video will brighten my day. Way to go!

mm said...

Good job! JP has been talking about H playing Corelli's all week. Her husband D is in the parking lot helping push a car that's stuck. I hope it's not yours. I'll be in the warmth waiting for you to post the video.