Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Baldwins

I'm now into watching Parenthood. People are always like, "WHY aren't you WATCHING Parenthood?!" I think it's because it's like totally my life station, and because I personally completely adore Peter Krause and Lauren Graham so much.

Well now I've completed season one, so I'm that much closer to becoming the person I always wanted to be. The person I'm meant to be.

This episode guest stars Billy Baldwin, so there's that.


KC said...

I just found out that Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are actually dating. My life is almost complete. Seriously.

Sarah F. said...

LOVE that show! I just watched the most recent episode last night (a pre-Christmas epi that I had DVRd) - it had me in tears most of the episode. Lee thinks I'm crazy but it's sooo good!