Friday, December 21, 2012

ABC #75: I Can't Believe This is Happening

I can't believe I am completing this challenge. It was so ambitious.

Look, I know some of my entries were short; but they were all done. And here I am at 75, right on time at the Winter Solstice. Because of this challenge, I had my most prolific blogging year ever.

Thank you blogging friends! Lee, Mary, Jessie - you guys are an inspiration.


jdoc said...

Congrats! Excellent push to the end. I did not complete 75 fall entries, but 46 of my total 73 were written in fall. Granted, some of them were just pictures, but I also took way more pictures in fall than any other season. The blogging challenge was a success.

Thanks, Lee!

LH said...

Woman, you got it done! Congrats to you!

I am about to pour a glass of wine for a toast.

mm said...

Congrats! A good blog challenge is always a challenge. Yea blog challenge!

Anonymous said...

Way to go KC, CONGRATS !