Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ABC #65: Chill

What happens after I run in the winter is sometimes I don't change my clothes right away. Then, I get really cold. However, I don't feel like changing right now. I feel like watching tv and trying to finish this ridiculous fall blogging challenge.

I am still cold.


jdoc said...

I hate that post-workout chill. It seems to be extra cold to me.

Ten more. You can do it!

Molly said...

This happens to me too. Force yourself by immediately turning on the shower and taking off all your clothes. Then there is no other option. :) Love reading your blog KC!

mm said...

I agree with the post-workout chill. I found when I came in from riding my bike (before the snow and ice) that I couldn't get warm even with a shower.

LH said...

Change right away after the workout. Important rule of working out.