Monday, December 31, 2012

My Last Post of the Year

In the last couple of years, I've done a year-end video; but this year, I'm not feeling the year-end video vibe. So, I'll just tell you: 2012 was a fine year on the blog.
  • It turned out, thanks to the Autumn Blogging Challenge, to be my most prolific year as a poster.
  • We also had an interesting baseball challenge that stretched me in cool ways.  I find I actually quite like those posts.  I tend to like my writing better when I'm forced by a frame or challenge to think beyond my first idea.
  • We were infested by vermin - bats, mice, squirrels, and then in a spectacularly disgusting finish - LICE.  This was very expensive and also revealed my unfortunate tendency to be cowardly.
  • Mac started coming to school with Shef and me.  Although he acted like was being a total non-participant in school, it turns out behaves like a real person when not in the presence of his parents.  It seems like he'll probably start Kindergarten next year.  I know you can hardly believe it.
  • We're hockey parents.  It's likely that I'll blog about this in 2013.
New Year's Resolutions?  I'll get to them.  I'll need to think about this. I'll probably announce them tomorrow.  Let's all make a collective resolution to keep the blogs going.  It would nice to become a famous blogger, but I've sort of given up on that ever happening. 


mm said...

You're a famous blogger to me!

KC said...

Thanks MM!!!!! That was a super nice comment!!

LH said...

I was going to say that too! You really are.

jdoc said...

I talk about your blog to everyone I know practically. I sure love it.

Anonymous said...

We had a lice infestation too. Even thinking about it makes me itch all over. Those damn things just refuse to die. And of course, I <3 your blog, but that goes without saying.