Monday, March 18, 2013

Double Cross Thumbs Up

I don't think I've written about how it's very hard to get Mac to eat enough food. I mean, he's growing taller, but he hasn't gained any weight in, oh, probably over a year. He's gained 25 pounds SINCE BIRTH.

The deal is that when we find something he'll eat more than a few bites of, we're pretty excited.

Shef's been asking for sushi lately, for some reason. I also love sushi, and Dan, on his restrictive diet, can actually eat sashimi. So, we went out to Fuji Ya for dinner last night.

I ordered some rolls, some tempura, and a big bowl of udon noodles in broth. I wasn't sure Mac would eat anything, but OMG! He loves Japanese food! "I found six things I LOVE!" he exclaimed, pointing at all the food remnants on his plate.

I'm going to have to order some kind of Everyday Japanese cookbook. Any suggestions?

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Jill said...

Wow! I did not know this about Mac. JJ is also small and an overzealous physician's assistant freaked me out about it a couple of years ago, gave me all these bulking-up foods to try with him (whole milk! butter! protein shakes!). However, his doc calmed me down during his annual exam the next year when she pointed out that he has been under the 10th percentile for weight since birth. Maybe we will try Japanese food!