Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey, I Just Met You

Here's what's happening:  It's time to work on the Middle School faculty dance number.  In advance of the performance, I was recruited by some pals to help with the choreography.


I know, but stop laughing so hard.

After accepting the challenge, I had second thoughts.  I emailed Amy.  "I'm really anxious about this," I said.

"KC, honestly," she wrote back.  "Pull yourself together and get this done."

So I showed up at the planning rehearsal and I suggested some dance moves.

"Those moves are not complicated enough," Lynne said.

And now I'm supposed to be some kind of section leader, and I can't even remember the turns and kicks.  The good news is I vow to practice a LOT.  Really, a lot.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your video of the performance! Wish we did such things when I was a is fun for all! luv, mom

LH said...

I've seen your dancing vids so I'm pretty sure you're up to this challenge.

Way to Go, Kacer!