Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Girl, Let Me Talk to You

Tomorrow's the big dance performance.  I think I have all my moves memorized.  I tried to get Shef and Mac to learn them with me, but they thought that was lame.  Instead they blasted "Thrift Shop" and did their own "I wear your grandpa's clothes" thang.  Time as their coolest gal was so fleeting.

Anyway, our last mandatory rehearsal is tomorrow morning at 7:45.

My number one goal is not to disappoint my choreographer, Lynne. She's an amazing dance mentor and captain, and I'd hate to let her down.  I won't let you down, Lynne!  I'll remember all of the moves!!

YouTube video tomorrow, so get ready.

Also get ready for spring break.  I've got two weeks, and I'm blogging every day.  That's my solemn vow.

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