Thursday, March 21, 2013

Down Like the Temperature

Okay, this is like a totally weird collision of worlds in some way. In 3rd grade, there was a kid in my class named Nathan Kartheiser. He was only in my class for that one year. Together, we ate the punches from the hole puncher. I can't explain why I did this. We called them thousand islands, and we ate them. The paper. I'm pretty sure our teacher, Ms. Miller, tried to stop us, but we didn't stop. We were table mates, and we ate paper.

Nathan had a little brother, Vincent, who was in like, 1st grade at my school. Now Vincent is on Mad Men, the television show.

AND, I read on People.Com today, he has just become engaged to Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore) from Gilmore Girls, the television star that everyone said I looked like when I was younger.

Guys, this is so weird. Also weird is the story I just read on US about Lorelei Gilmore's love interest on Parenthood now leaving Parenthood to be the love interest of Alexis Bledel, her tv DAUGHTER, on another show!!! Seriously!

And.... Just like that, it's the worst blog entry ever. Did you see the pic of the kids up there? The kids are so cute.


jdoc said...

This is exactly the kind of news that I like to be in the know about. Is that a proper sentence? I don't think so. But I do love this. Will you be invited to the wedding? How great would that be.

Bethn8r said...

As soon as I saw Nathan Kartheiser in your post I thought, hmm, is he related to Pete Campbell/Connor son of Angel? It is possible that I watch too much tv.