Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dress Up Like Hipsters

Everyone's a little cranked up around here today. I'm blaming the weather. It's flipping freezing, and it's March 19th. Also, there's not enough sun. Hasn't anyone heard of the importance of Vitamin D?! And when I say "anyone," I mean the stupid people that make their lives in Minnesota?! And when I say those "stupid people," I guess I just mean me and my family.

Deep and heavy sigh.

Anyway, the kids have been snapping at each other on and off all day. I finally told them they're no longer allowed to play together, and then what happened is that they want to hang out and are now cuddling on the coach. WTH.

Earlier, I took them to tae kwon do in the hopes that kicking and punching things while screaming would alleviate the negativity. I guess it sort of worked.


Anonymous said...

Is that Shef in the air? Amazing!

KC said...

Yes! Flying front kick!

LH said...

Winter's wearing out her welcome down here as well.

The story about the boys disobeying you by being sweet to each other is v. funny.

Great foto.

So.... awesomeness all around