Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop the Presses

Here's the problem with reading Animal Farm with 7th graders:

"Wait.  How does he hold the paintbrush in his hoof?"

"I don't think pigs could actually climb ladders."

"How can the humans understand them?  They can talk to humans?"

Don't think so hard about it, I advise.  Just accept that it's true in the world of the book.  It's like how you can't cast spells with magic wands in real life, but you can in Harry Potter.

"Okay," they say, nodding. And then two seconds later, "But how could he use his snout to turn the pages of that book?  And how did they hire an agent?"


LH said...

I had 3rd graders asking me if my mouse puppet was real last week.

These sweet little dweebs.

KC said...

Here was today's: "I don't get how Napoleon trained the dogs. I mean, he's a PIG."