Monday, June 24, 2013

A Learning Bonanza

It's going to be hard to narrow down what I've learned today. Basically, I'm learning at a rate of maybe 10 or 11 things per hour here at the High Tech High Summer Institute. Just now I learned about how to co-design a semester-long (or really any length) project with students. It was really inspiring, and I bought the presenter's book. The book was only $10. You might actually want it.

In another domain, I'm learning that my typical travel gas (yes, I'm referring to flatulence) is exacerbated when I eat lots of Mexican foods, like I'm doing here in San Diego. I'm already gassy, so this is kind of a serious problem.


mm said...

Wow! This sounds like exciting, "cutting edge" stuff. Maybe you'll share more learnings from this conference tomorrow.

LH said...

I can't believe you're at this conference. Sounds phenomenal. I may get the book. I need to learn some useful stuff.

Sarah Gardner said...

That book does look neat.