Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Kid is Five

You might not have realized that my youngest child is now five years old. Let me tell you, he's thrilled to be five. And, this dude's got style.

Here's what he likes: flat-brimmed hats, turned this way and that, and collared shirts worn open and layered over t-shirts. He also likes cool shoes and an occasional slick of nail polish on fingers and toes.

Birthday cake featured an iCarly motif. He wanted a message in pink frosting: "Happy 5th Birthday, Mac." First he wanted "Happy 4th Birthday," but then I reminded him that he was actually going to be 5.


LH said...

Oh he's so cute I am laughing out loud.

5! Give him a high 5 from a Hoosier fan.

Sarah said...

That is just an awesome picture!! What a cutie!

mm said...

I love this picture on the one you posted on FB with the cake! 5 it is!

Anonymous said...

He is cute and cool all at the same time!!!