Monday, June 17, 2013

Underneath the Moon

Finally getting into the swing of things here. Don't have to go into work any days this week. Maybe I won't be plagued with that constant feeling that I SHOULD be doing something. It's made it tricky to wind down. So far, I've done my typical first days-of-summer thing, which is to deep clean closets, do hours of yard work, read books about curriculum, etc. etc.

However, I've also watched Scandal. It rocks, but Dan refuses to watch it. I just finished season one.

I also read Ender's Game, which is a book my brother gave to me for my birthday back in March. It's a good one about child soldiers who are forced to save the world from aliens. Very exciting. You'd probably like it.

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LH said...

You've done a lot. I feel a little jealous of your productivity. I've been procrastinating and not learning much. That's why I've introduced the new learning blog challenge. Go check it out and agree to participate please.