Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There's a New Challenge, Thank The Stars

My bosom pal, Lee, started a new blogging challenge. The deal is, we're supposed to learn new things. 30-35 new things by the end of July. As a proud and dedicated life-long learner, this should be absolutely no problem. Here's the first thing I learned: like me, famous essayist David Sedaris likes the actors on the current iteration of Hawaii 5-0. In fact, actors from that very show came to his reading in Honolulu and discussed with him the problem of his stolen computer bag, which he describes in an essay called "A Cold Case" in his latest book called Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, which I've been listening to.

Have you heard David Sedaris read, either in person or on the radio or an audio book? Well, he's completely fabulous. The NYTimes review says he's a "brilliant audio performer of his own work." Duh. Here's some audio of one of my fave stories in Owls. It's called "Standing By."

Anyway, it really pleased me to know that David Sedaris is familiar with Hawaii 5-0. We were already connected because I have a poster of him in my classroom, and now I know that he also recognizes a great crime drama when he sees one. He, like me, likes the actor who plays Detective Chin Ho Kelly.


LH said...

So, there's a new Hawaii 5-0? Is that what I'm learning here?
As a youth, I did not like Hawaii 5-0. It was always on when I was babysitting and it bored the heck out of me. But I may try out the new one because 1.) you like it and b.) David Sedaris likes it and finally, I like both of you.

Gina Marie said...

I once brought a David Sedaris book with me on a Greyhound bus, which I was riding from Madison to Minneapolis. After only ten minutes of reading it on a 5+ hour ride, I had to put it away because I was laughing so hard I was nearly gasping for air. Other Greyhound bus riders were pretty grim, so my near hysteria was not subtle on this grim

After about an hour of sitting quietly by myself, I decided I didn't care if I was the biggest freak on the bus. I took out the book again and tried to keep myself together. I hit the essay about Holland's Christmas traditions and all hope was lost.

mm said...

I'm sorry to admit that I only have read one Sedaris book, but I am happy to report I learned from reading your blog.

LH said...

GM, this happened to me on a plane once. I kept laughing so hard I had to put the book away. It was embarrassing.

KC said...

Ditto the public laughing. The guy is flipping hilarious.