Friday, June 21, 2013

Severe Weather

What I learned this evening is that if you have an iPhone, or perhaps another smart phone, you'll get severe weather updates without trying. This happened tonight when we were having dinner with friends at our house. All of a sudden, our phones started buzzing and beeping. And then, several trees hit our house. Seriously! The there are like three or four large tree branches down in our front yard. It was crazy, and the other parents started using our land line to call their babysitters. Everyone seems to be okay. Later when I walked Skip (our dog, whom I love), I noticed several trees that were flipping UPROOTED within a two block radius of our home. Apparently the winds were like 60 mph. Our phones warned us.

Then they warned us about a flash flood warning. We're still under that, but we still have power. Geez louise.


LH said...

I learned about this storm last night as I listened to Minneapolis Public Radio on my iPad. So glad you're all safe and sound.

Sarah Gardner said...

Oh my goodness! I enjoy thunderstorms, but would be pretty terrified if trees started hitting my house. And uprooted trees, that's serious stuff!