Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If We Were Older

Had a couple of pals here for Bachelorette viewing on Monday. Come to find, each of them was feeling some jealousy about my summer schedule. I fielded a few of the complaints about "summers off," with my usual explanations. However, the crowd of three 12-month employees was not satisfied.

"Must be really tough, hanging out by the pool," said Gia.

"Look," I said. "I'm pretty sure I make less money than any one here." That's undeniable.

"Yeah," said Dan. "For working less."

Can you believe that guy has been married to a teacher for 11 years? No? NEITHER CAN I.

"Well," I said finally, "I am cordially inviting each of you to join me in the field of education. If any of you would like to do my job for my pay, you're more than welcome."

No takers. Not surprisingly.


LH said...

I love to flaunt the summer vacation aspect of the job to everyone around me. Unfortunately, Husbandman gets more vacation than I do so he is usually unimpressed.


Molly said...

Good tactic. I often encourage complaining friends to join the field. Suggestion is ignored.

mm said...

I love summer vacation when it isn't raining all the time, and I love our job. I don't love people that are perturbed by our much needed break. Of course, I always offer anyone to choose any week and follow my routine during the school year... no one has taken me up on this offer.