Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Bane

I've learned a bit more about an annoying condition that I myself suffer from. It's called psoriasis, people. It's a common skin condition, and boy is it irritating. After perusing the Mayo Clinic website, I've learned that changing your diet doesn't really improve psoriasis. Damn it! I've also learned that taking fish oil supplements may help psoriasis, but probably not. Damn it! To be honest, I've googled nutritional healing options for my problem before, but I've never consulted the Mayo Clinic; and I think we can agree that's a definitive source. I learned some other things, like if you have psoriasis, you're more likely to have other debilitating problems like depression and cancer. Basically, psoriasis is just not a great thing to have. You might want to get a lemur instead of psoriasis.

I knew already that psoriasis is cyclical and chronic. Basically, once you have this dumb skin affliction, you've got it for good. You can use steroid creams or stress reducing measures, but basically, you're stuck with a life of itching and embarrassment. I'm starting a psoriasis support group. If you have psoriasis and you hate it, I support you.


LH said...

I really want to learn how to cure your psoriasis. Vander has it too. You have described it aptly as a bane.

I wonder why people get psoriasis?

mm said...

Although I don't think I have psoriasis, I have this annoying rash on my eye lids (yep, eye lids). They gave me a steroid cream, but it's flaky and kind of painful (the rash not the cream). Any skin ailments suck! Good luck. I don't like the "more likely to have other debilitating problems..." Perhaps you shouldn't learn anymore.

KC said...

You can't cure psoriasis as far as I can tell. You can minimize symptoms. Mine are minimized, but I'm still annoyed. There are lots of reasons why people get psoriasis. I'm not going to go into them here. You might know enough about it at this point. mm might be right.