Sunday, August 4, 2013


I found a calculator online that makes a guess about how tall your kid is going to be at age 18. The calculator confirmed that my two children are likely to slightly different.

Here's how tall it said Shef would be at age 18: 6'3". He's already super tall. Taller than 91% of American boys his age. He's also heavier than 81% of American boys his age, which fits when you consider his height.

Mac, on the other had, is considerably smaller. He's in the 59th percentile for height and the 20th for weight. I made a mistake on the calculator at first and thought he was going to be about 5'7" at age 18, but it turns out he's more likely to be 5'10".

Aren't you happy to have your hands on this valuable information?! I sure am.


LH said...

Okay, let's not forget about this. We will need to check for accuracy when the boys are fully grown. Then we can give high marks when we review the app.

Mac's not kinder ready yet is he???? I was just wondering about this.

KC said...

Yes, Mac's going to Kindergarten on August 29th. I can't believe it either.