Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OmG for GROSS!

Today I was absent-mindedly rubbing my chin and I found something completely disgusting.

It was a long, crinkly, wiry, black BEARD HAIR.


Of course, I'm very vain and inspect my face on a daily basis. So, I think this beard must have grown overnight. I googled about "beard hairs growing long overnight," and I didn't find any satisfying results.


mm said...

I appreciate that you googled "beard hairs growing long overnight"!

LH said...

I kind of like this gal's info. Sounds like she has way more
Experience with this situation...


LH said...

I wrote a 3rd comment earlier about liking your use of the term crinkly. I've actually had this issue, of which you write. I just grab a tweezer and put a quick end to the situation. Luckily you're already in the habit of looking closely at your beautiful face each day, so I think this problem is going to be trivial in the long run.

KC said...

Thanks for all of your support. I read that Brittany, and she was very reassuring. With this hair, I ripped it out with my fingers and inspected it. I was horrified.

Gina Marie said...

What you need is a pact with your girlfriends to ensure that if there is ever a beard hair on your chin, they will not only tell you, but they will rip it out with their bare hands immediately. Even if you're in the Marshall's at Southdale Mall, for example. Or even on their wedding day, for example.

Not that I have any experience with this situation at all.