Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LET'S Try to LIMIT Questions

I have some truly excellent news: the 6th grade team is teaching with Chromebooks this year. A Chromebook is a cool laptop computer that runs Google Chrome and lots of web apps. It costs $249 dollars, is all. We are having a 2:1 program with them in 6th grade Humanities class.

Did you know I'm a Humanitites teacher these days? It's pretty cool. So cool, I didn't even mind the Chromebook training as the bizillionth meeting of this workshop week day.


LH said...

I've never heard of Chromebooks. I wonder if you think this is better than giving everyone iPads. Also, I like the 2:1 ratio. The 1:1 makes me sad sometimes when I go into classrooms.

mm said...

I had the opportunity to work with Chromebooks at the end of last year. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I won't have them this year. Have a great year!