Thursday, August 15, 2013


You guys, I'm pumped! It's time for Ragnar Great River Relay. Last time I did this, I spent the hours in advance of departure bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to do the stupid race, and the people are crazy, and why did I ever agree to do it in the first place?

This time, I'm so flipping excited! I'll be honest and admit that I haven't had (m)any breaks from my kids this summer, and even if my break comes while I run 36.6 miles in a 32-hour relay, I'll take it. But, the other reasons I'm excited are related to super, crazy, awesome fun. Teammate Jordan's husband asked if Ragnar is a hotbed for random roadside hook ups, and I can tell you with certainty that it definitely is NOT. We make fun in other ways and get your mind out of the gutter.

You might want some more information. If that's the case, you can look at the maps of my legs HERE. I'm doing numbers 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, and 31. My team is called DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY, and we're committed to the victory of goodness and love over evil. YEAH!

I'm going to go ahead and apologize in advance to my teamies for using expressions like Blimey! and Merlin's Beard! nonstop. It probably won't get old for me, unfortunately.

You can follow on Twitter, if you want. WHEE!


mm said...

Have fun... I'm going to follow you on Twitter... right now!

LH said...

I'm getting totally PUMPED about this. Intrepid. Yes!

jdoc said...

Oh, I will totally be following on twitter! Good luck!