Monday, August 26, 2013


Here's what happens in the evening: I put Mac to bed at 8pm. Then, Shef frequently wants to come with me to walk the dog. During the walk, he yaks my ear off about whatever thing - camp or 4th grade or the smell and quantity of various farts. You know. Typical stuff. I love it.

Last night it was dark, and I found myself staring hard at the strip of grass where Skip had last squatted, as I couldn't find the feces. Suddenly a car pulled over and shined its headlights at us. A woman leaned out of the passenger side window and yelled, "We're helping you find your poop!"

"That's very helpful!" I yelled back. "Thanks!"

But still, after like 30 seconds of looking, I still couldn't find it. The dog is small, the poop is small, and the grass was tall.

"I still can't find it!" I shouted, apologetically.

"Well," said the woman. "Good try!"


StreibProjects said...

hahahaa!! This is awesome!

LH said...

At first I thought that the car driver had to be a really nice person, but then I thought, what a freak.
Just keep driving and leave me the heck alone, car driver.

You handled the situation very well.

mm said...

I think it's nice and a bit weird of the lady to help you! Enjoy the day!

Gina Marie said...

I really enjoyed this. And I can't believe you're already to P! I keep posting one thing and the next day, I come up with a far superior post for the previous day's letter. Time to get over it and pick up the pace.

Martha Pettee said...

The lady must have had the experience herself. I have gone back to the scene of the crime in the AM a couple of times to find the poop because I felt so guilty!