Friday, May 23, 2014

A Sunny Afternoon

Yesterday, LH of A Little Leeway visited my school.  Holy moly, was it fun.  I asked a bunch of lower school teachers if we could traipse into their classrooms and check out what they were doing, and everyone said yes.  I loved being in those rooms, and it made me wonder why I never just do that on my own - visit the peeps in my own building who are total and absolute rock stars.

Got to thinking it would be fun if LH came to my school every day.  We could be a team of blogging teachers who try our best and sometimes do really cool things.  I can pretty much guarantee it'd be a fab time.


LH said...

That day was FABuloso. I LOVED IT!!!! THX, KC for arranging. I too am going to visit classrooms next year. I loved seeing all the different things happening at your school.

jdoc said...

I got to hear all about the school on Friday. Now I think Sam may need to attend your amazing school? Expect some questions from me soon.

KC said...

Sam should probably come to my school. It's the best. I'm slightly biased, but I do believe it!