Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ugga Mugga

Poor Mac has never really been able to watch normal children's programming. His brother, Shef, is four and a half years older than he is, so out of necessity (aka parental sanity), he's grown up watching inappropriate stuff like Harry Potter and Happy Gilmore. Oops!

But, lately, he's discovered he loves this show called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood that he found on Netflix. Remember the puppet Daniel Tiger from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood? It's the same Daniel, but he's animated. The show is a great riff on Mr. R., and Mac watches it every morning.

Shef doesn't care for the show. He says it's babyish.

I don't care, I say. Mac gets to choose.

UGH! says Shef.

Shhhh! I retort.

And so it goes every morning.

This morning, Shef looked at me with pitch-perfect tween exasperation.

"Stop," I said.

"But, MOM," he hissed. "This episode is CALLED, 'Prince Wednesday goes to the POTTY.'"

Fair enough, but tough. We're watching it.

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LH said...

I get what Shef's saying, but maybe he can find the good parts in the show. Maybe reading about the great contributions Mr. Rogers made to children's programming could get him more enthused.
I always enjoy reading about your cool boys.