Thursday, May 15, 2014

So Fancy

About a month in at my new school in 2011, another teacher smiled and asked me, "So, are you feeling the CRUSH?"

Um, yeah.  I'm feelin' it. The place is insane, and the expectations for teachers are crazy high.  Because of that, it's also awesome; and people are hitting the ball out of the park every single day.  Basically, you're guaranteed to be inspired.

The flip side is the CRUSH, and I often feel like I'm just racing around nonstop.  The latest force to compound this has nothing to do with school, and everything to do with not looking like a leper.

Yes!  It's time to discuss psoriasis!

To get to the light booth, I have to sprint out of my room before lunch, even before the last students have left.

"Gotta go!" I offer, waving my car keys over my shoulder.  Then, I literally run to the parking lot, drive 10 minutes to the clinic, run from the parking ramp to the elevator, curse the slow elevators, race people to the check-in desk, say NO I don't have a co-pay, and sit down to take a couple of deep breaths.  Then, the gal comes out to get me.  I fast-walk to the dressing room, whip off all my clothes, curse the confusing hospital gown, and skedaddle to the booth.

"Everything go okay last time?" the nurse wonders.

Yeah, yeah, I say.  Just turn on the lights.

I breath deeply for the 1.5 minutes in the booth, then sprint back the same way I came, remembering of course, to put my clothes back on.

Yesterday, I then sprinted to Mac's violin ensemble, sprinted to my desk to eat a little, taught a couple of classes, picked out new furniture for next year, and then raced to a faculty meeting to discuss really important work around racial equity.

CRUSH.  And, 13 more days.

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lee said...

Only in the booth for 90 seconds?

I remember the CRUSH oh so well. Hang in there!