Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kate the Great

Self Portrait of Mac for Mothers' Day

As you may recall, I've been working with a homeopath, Michele, to try to find some balance with my psoriasis.  As far as I can tell, homeopathy is a little like therapy, in that the practitioner needs to know all about your physical and emotional history and status in order to choose the right remedies.  My first appointment was two hours long because I was providing an entire life story.  This week, it was time for my follow-up, as it's been about four weeks since I saw Michele last.

When Michele emailed to schedule it, she said, "Dear Kate" in the salutation.  This is a common error.  Kathleens can be Kates. So,  I ignored it, signed my reply "Kathleen," and moved on.  I had told Michele that I'm also KC, so she was probably confused.

Then, later, when she called to confirm my appointment, she left a message saying, "Kate, it's Michele."  Oh dear.

I worried about what to do.  Should I just be Kate with Michele?  Kate's a nice name.  I like it!  And, I wouldn't have to tell her that after hearing all of the ups and downs of my entire existence, she didn't get my name right.

Yes, I decided.  I'll just be Kate.  Kate West. Very distinguished.

But, the problem is, that's kind of silly.  Just try out a new name with one person?  And, also Michele does this Reconnective Therapy where she has to find your energy body in the universe (I know. Shut up.), and what if not knowing my actual name makes it harder for her to find me out there?!

"You're going to just have to tell Michele," I realized.  I waited until the end of my appointment, and I told her, Hey.  I thought about just not telling you this, but I'm actually not Kate.  I like Kate, but it's not my name.  She laughed really hard about my indecision about what to do and assured me that there's more to finding my energy body than just knowing my name.  But, still, she was glad I told the truth.

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mm said...

Your psoriasis must be taking a hiatus. I forgot all about it when I saw you yesterday!