Tuesday, May 27, 2014

EQ3: 2014(MFI) + 2OHP = OBba

This equation is a real downer.  As you can see, as a result of Massive Facial Infection of 2014  and at least two Other Health Problems, I'm Over Budget by a lot.  Do you even want to know how much I've paid out of pocket for health care since January?  I don't even care if you want to know, actually. I'm going to tell you.  It's 7,000 dollars.

This has not been a good health year for me.  Obviously.

It turns out hospital stays for massive facial infections are wicked expensive.  Lucky for me, I have health insurance and savings that I can tap into to pay for just this very type of thing.  What do people do if they have massive facial infections and neither a safety net nor insurance?  I guess they have massive debt problems?  Or they die?  This is not a just situation.  I can recognize this, even though I'm really bummed about my own seven grand.


mm said...

...and people like me who have insurance assume everything is covered... "not a just situation."

LH said...

I'm v. impressed that you keep track of your finances by budgeting.
I'm so happy nothing BIG happened to us when we were out of the country this year.
Just that one ear doctor appointment, which cost 150.

LH said...

And you're going to keep taking good care of your self and then you can put all this behind you.

LH said...
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