Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ariana Grande

I have some news: Dan is fasting for 12 hours.

My concern for today is Dan's fast.

He had to fast last week for a different test, in that he wasn't allowed to eat or drink after midnight for a test that was scheduled for 9 am.  I happened to notice Dan cooking a frozen pizza at 10pm.

"What are you doing?" I queried.

"I have to fast after midnight, so I'm going to eat a pizza until that moment."

Round Two started last night at 9pm.

"I'm fasting," he said to me at 9:02.

"How's it going?" I asked.

"It's miserable," he said. "I'm supposed to be snacking.  I love to snack."


"I'm so hungry," he says.


"It's been 30 minutes.  My mouth is dry."


"This fast is killer."

You can imagine why I retired at 9:36 for the evening.


KC said...

p.s. It's time to blog every day until school starts.

LH said...

Poor Dan. He's been through a lot with this constant fasting.

When do you go back? Kids come back to us on August 4.

KC said...

August 4th?! Our kids come back August 26th!