Monday, July 28, 2014

I Forgot About Having to Work

The other day, I posted in the comments that I would blog every day until school started.  I forgot that I wouldn't be able to blog that much while working at Camp!

It's really tough to write blog entries up there.  First, I couldn't remember the internet password at the house.  Then, I got really tired.  The barriers!

But, now I'm back to being committed.  My new barrier is not thinking of any topics.  My topic I guess is it's another Bachelorette finale.  They made me think she was choosing Nick, but instead it appears she's choosing Josh.  Bad move, Andster.  I think Josh is kind of a tool.  No offense, Josh.  It's not because you're a former athlete.  P.S., Josh, what's your job now?


LH said...

Nick got kind of weird at the end.
I've been reading many articles about Andi and Josh and they seem pretty happy.
Josh says that Andi's a great cook, so that's good.

jdoc said...

I was really into the Bachelorette this season, too, and while I see how Nick could be a little neurotic, Andi seemed really into him. Like Nick, I was totally fooled. She picked simple over complex (like, waaay simple), and I suppose that's not all bad. They do look happy. But boy, I sure did love making fun of Josh.