Tuesday, July 1, 2014

EQ22: BtSD = EoSH

It was so weird.  I had Back-to-School Dreams last night.  Usually these dreams arrive in early August, but today is just July 1st.  What's going on with that?  Is it an End-of-Summer Herald?

It is true that I'm working a couple of days next week with my teaching team.  And then, I'll likely start reading school books and compiling ideas for next years sixth graders.  I AM inordinately excited to be teaching all sixth grade, when in the past, I've taught 8th and 7th, or 7th and 6th.  I'll have energy and time to pursue other academic and professional interests, most likely.  That's the plan.

But, still, I was unnerved by the dream.  I should be dreaming of golf and novel reading, to be honest.


mm said...

OMG! I went berry picking with a friend and colleague today. Both of us have also had the dreams too.... This can't be a good sign!

LH said...

I've tried to comment here 3 times. What the heck is going on?

LH said...

Okay, this time it worked. Anyway, the point is. I too have had the dream.