Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Stuff

As you may know, I'm a life-long learner.  As such, I love to try and learn new things.  Here are some of the new things I've tried this summer:

Travel Baseball Momming.  Report: I like baseball momming.  Baseball is a fun game during which you can chat with other parents who will then teach you the rules of baseball, which can be complicated, as it turns out with the infield flies and the tagging up and the covering of the throws.

Rosetta Stone Mandarin. Report: I love doing Rosetta Stone to learn Mandarin. I get to wear a headset and practice saying things like, "These people are drinking tea."  I'm really good at it. I get like 98% on all of the lessons.  The only problem is that my family laughs at me when I'm doing it.  So, what else is new.

Barre Class. Report: This is a new exercise craze.  I'm actually a late adopter.  What you do is you go into a studio and use some props and absolutely obliterate your muscles while sometimes holding on to a ballet bar.  I'm serious, the sweat it was a drippin'.  I didn't know quite what to expect when I went.  I described it to Dan as a workout based on some ballet principles.  Hmmm, he said.  Sounds like it's right in your wheelhouse, Kace.  As if.

I'm also doing some old things like violin and running and watching Bridesmaids.  Summer is rocking over here.


LH said...

This is extremely impressive. Way to make every second count.

jhw said...

I agree. I am sure this does not resemble what I did in ballet in 6th grade though.