Friday, July 18, 2014

Now Can I Kick It?

A few weeks ago, I ran a 5K with Sheffy.  Not to be braggy, but the kid is a natural.  He hasn't run 3 miles in a row in maybe a year, but he ran these 3 miles in an average pace of 7:12. 

Up front, I told him that if really wanted to get the fastest possible time, he'd have to let me pace him.

"Okay," he said, earnestly, nodding.  We studied a pace chart, and he lobbied for something in the 21s.  No, I said.  I don't think I can do that.  Let's go for something in the 22s.

He ran right next to me, following all of my directions, until we could see the finish line, at which he out-kicked me.  Way to go, kid!

I ran another 5k last night, and Shef proposed a wager.  Could I beat his previous time?  If so, I get to play a round of golf with him during which he offers a sincere compliment on every hole.  If not, he gets three extra days to finish his book of the week.

Who won?!

I did, of course. #nailedit


LH said...

Go Fasties!

StreibProjects said...


LH said...

Sincere golf game compliments. I wish I could hear some of those.