Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anything Good to Do

Psoriasis report:

Excellent news.  I've gone from 11% covered with psoriasis to 8% covered with psoriasis.  I'm going to be honest and tell you that when you're 11% covered, it feels like you are 80% covered.   If I didn't have to parade around in front of my older male doctor in my underwear in order to complete the calculations, I would have questioned his math.  But there's no denying the improvement.  I'm less hideous than I once was.

So we stay the course, and I continue to visit the light booth twice per week and use nine hundred-dollar ointment on my lesions.

"Nothing that comes in a TUBE should cost nine hundred dollars," my nurse said when I mentioned the price.

Amen, sister.

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mm said...

Nine hundred???? I though my tube at $160 was insane. I realize I should whine about my rosacea when you're fighting the psoriasis, but this skin stuff really, really sucks!