Saturday, October 11, 2014

Count Your Money

Today I'd like to discuss the benefits of having a pal who is a highly knowledgeable, committed, and all around fabulous children's librarian.

What happens is you think you've chosen a good book for your students to read during fourth quarter, but then your teaching partner starts to read it and realizes it's sorta boring.

So, you just say to your team, "Let me just send a quick email to my friend the librarian."  This librarian has a great track record, as at this very moment, the entire sixth grade is reading one of her suggestions with great success.

You know said librarian is on vacation per her fabulous, social-media-shared photos of stunning Colorado, so you just say in your email, hey, if you know something off the top of your head that fits this very specific criteria...

And less than two hours later, she sends you a list of like 20 books with one in particular that looks especially fantastic.  That's what I call PROBLEM SOLVED.

And this is what happens when you make good friends who introduce you to their good friends.  It's a network and a village.  That's the magic of JW.


LH said...
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lee said...

I messed up on my earlier comment. I basically said, Yes, I agree with this 100%.

Also, inquired about which book was recommended????

And I like the phrase the magic of JW.

mm said...

Does JW have a blog that I'm missing out on? Please tell.

KC said...

JW has no blog, but you can stalk her on Goodreads. I see you're already friends!