Sunday, October 12, 2014

Drop Dead of Diptheria

In a few minutes, I'm going running with my friend Sheila.  Turns out I need to go running because I keep eating anything I want whenever I want to eat it.  And then I keep eating pizza without consideration for consequences.  And then cookies. Would it kill me to focus on fruits and vegetables?!

Anyway, I found this little video that Mac took it upon himself to make. I found it while I was deleting photos from my device and looking for inspiration for this here blog.

It's true that I don't allow Mac to say the sh-word.  If he said the sh-word, he would definitely incur the consequences that he describes.


LH said...

This video made me smile and laugh out loud. I'm still smiling right now.
You've done it again!
Thanks! (to Mac as well!)

mm said...

Oh sh...!

Anonymous said...

He is so expressive!