Thursday, October 16, 2014

Conference Redux

We conferenced yesterday with each of the kid's teachers.  This year for the first time, Shef got to be in his conference with us and show us his work.  It was really funny to watch his demeanor with his teacher.  At the beginning of the conference, she told him how much she likes him and what good work he does. He was just sort of gaping at her, incredulous.  And giggling a little bit.

I think he said, "Okay," at the end of that part.

Then he scuttled over to his desk to get some work to show us. Later, we saw an iMovie he made about an engineering project regarding a boat.  The movie was hilarious, as in some cuts he was wearing a blue shirt and was sweaty and red-faced from PE.  Some shots he was in a red shirt and not those things.  The continuity issues cracked us all up.

Basically, Shef's work is stellar.  That's just a fact.

Mac's work is stellar, too.  He'd adopted a strategy to avoid reading for long periods of time that I thought was genius.  In a nutshell, he tried to take a really long time to select his book.  When I asked him about it, he got a little smirk.

"Ms. J. said she was going to take away 5-minutes of choice time if you kept doing that," I said.

"Yeah," he confirmed, "but I never got that consequence."  Kid's been hustling, which I appreciate.

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LH said...

Your kids are fabuloso. Parent teacher conferences were kind of a pleasure this week. I teach great kids. They have great parents. All is well.
(Like Mac's teacher, I often announce a consequence like decreased recess time, but I usually don't have to follow through because just the idea gets Thirdlanders to shape up pretty fast."