Friday, October 17, 2014

They Will Attack

I think I might have psychological problems because I cannot stop laughing about this video.

I keep watching it and laughing my head off.  "Is it gone?!  It's it gone?! It's not gone!!"

Apparently, this is a magpie attack and this lady was sent out by her employer to provoke it.  That's all fine, but why do I think it's so funny?  Do I enjoy watching other people's pain and terror?  Apparently.


LH said...

I couldn't watch it, but if you say you laughed a lot at it, I'm pretty much 100% sure I would as well.

Happy Saturday, Pallie!

mm said...

I was ready for a laugh only to realize the video was not longer available. I'm pleased you were able to laugh.

KC said...

New link. Check it out.