Thursday, October 23, 2014

Righteous Dude

Shef's try-outs are tonight.  It might be the last round of try-outs.  Nobody told me that try-outs are stressful for parents, too.  It's not that I care what team he makes - I don't care one bit - but I want him to get what he wants.  Because he wants it so much.  I imagine this is only the first time I'll feel this way.  There are innumerable potential disappointments ahead - driver's test failures, low grades, awards not received, colleges not gotten into, jobs rejected from, breakups, promotion pass-overs... the list never ends.  Life is one big disappointment, kid.  And this is just the potential start of it.


jhw said...

So true. Oh dear.

mm said...

Think of all the promising events that will accompany the disappoints.

LH said...

Someone told me once that parenting is a little like having your heart walking around outside of your body. Kind of true.