Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fakers Gonna Fake

At my violin lesson last week my teacher asked me to start memorizing the second violin part of the Bach Double.

"Yeah, right," I basically said.

Have you heard the Bach Double?  It's this: 

The second violin part is the one that starts first.  This is not what I sound like playing it.  And, I only have to learn the first movement.

So anyway, I was like, "I can't memorize it."

"Why not?" asked Jennifer.

"Ever since the Vivaldis, I just can't memorize."  I was being a little middle-schoolish.  I recognized this.

"Hmm," Jennifer said.  "How's your listening?"

When you study violin, you're supposed to listen to the pieces you're learning over and over again.  I have not been doing this.

"Poor," I admitted immediately.

"Okay," said Jennifer smiling.  "I'm going to skip straight past correlation and go right to causality."

So, I started listening to these gals.  I listen and follow along with the music.  We'll see how it goes.

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