Thursday, February 19, 2015

But the Queen

It's been so long since I updated you on my psoriasis.  I'll get right to the point: I still have it.  I go to the light booth once a week or so, and afterwards my face gets all burny for twelvish hours. After that, everything fades and the spots subside until the following week when it's time to go back to the booth.

On the evening after the booth, during the burny phase, I generally feel really sorry for myself and sometimes take unflattering pictures of the carnage, which I've accentuated by applying expensive steroid ointment to the affected spots.  Then, I text those pictures to people with messages like, "I'm hideous."

They usually write back, "Oh you poor dear," or similar, which helps a bit.

I am sorry for sending the pics, but sometimes it's important to share one's pain.


LH said...

Geez Louise, what does one have to do to get one of those pix?

mm said...

Does it ever go away completely?