Monday, February 2, 2015

Think You're Looking At Aquaman

When the Super Bowl started, no one in my household cared one way or the other who won.  We were all, "Let's have nachos!" and "Look! It's Katy Perry!"

But when the Seahawks inexplicably failed to simply hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch - "Only the best flipping running back in the league!" Shef's pal lamented - a wave of anger spread through all of us.

Well, not really me because I don't care about football, think it's stupid, and hadn't heard of Marshawn Lynch prior to witnessing the outrage that spread through Dan and Shef and Shef's pal.

"I'm furious!" Dan kept saying. "You're half a yard from the end zone and you have MARSHAWN LYNCH!"

"Marshawn Lynch!" Shef's pal repeated.

"I called that pick," Shef said knowingly.

I did get into it a little as I watched smug little Tom Brady collect his accolades on the sidelines.

"The Patriots didn't even win that game!" Dan raged. "It was handed to them by the Seahawks COACHING staff!"

Overall, I can agree that the ending wasn't ideal.  The fighting and the failure to give the ball to MARSHAWN LYNCH.  These unwise decisions will live in infamy.

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mm said...

It was inexcusable.... just saying.