Thursday, February 26, 2015

Session Me

Yesterday at work, everyone was really distracted by the hatching of some eaglets.   All day long, all-school emails kept coming about these eagles, which we could watch on a live cam from the DNR. 

"Hey," the first email said.  "My kid is obsessed with eagles, and you can watch the hatching of eaglets on this live cam."

"Uh oh," someone else replied all, "the mom appears to be eating one of the babies."

"No," someone else said, "it's a mammal. The eggs are intact."

Later still, more reply-ALLs:

"The mom moved aside and it appears all the babies are dead."

DEAD EAGLETS, I emailed all of my friends.  DEAD. EAGLETS.

"NO," the next email said, "it's dead pigeons.  The eggs are there, and one is pipped."

Later, someone sent a picture of an adult human "nesting" in the library.  A dude curled up in a shelf.

Here's the moral of the story: Find a bird cam and email large groups of people about it all day. Don't leave a single update out.  That part is critical.  Even if you're not sure what's happening on the bird cam, hypothesize and share with 500 people.  Start right away.


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LH said...

After you told me about this, I started getting worried about the owlets in the Great Horned Owl webcam. If one of them dies, that's going to be extremely sad for me. And probably for my students. It's hard enough on them right now when the pantry in the nest is full of dead birds and dead rodents. But we are all getting first hand evidence that the Great Horned Owl is a ferocious predator.