Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Here we are again at #TwinTuesday.  Today's unexpected combo is pin and clip.  Pin and Clip!  It has such a nice ring to it.

In addition to readying #TwinTuesday, I'm busy freaking out about my team's conference talk at NAIS later this week.  I'm headed to Boston tomorrow night.  Am I ready?  I'm not ready.  Will I be ready?  Signs point to Yes.


mm said...

#twintuesday is always a surprise. If I was told to find a button and a paperclip, I would have chosen a paper clip. How do I descrie what I think is a paper clip? I feel the two of you chose binder clips instead of paper clips.. Thoughts?!

unabashed liberal said...

Good luck in Boston!! You will be ready and great!!

LH said...

MM, I kind of remembered that those clips were not called paper clips, but I could not think of their actual name. Binder Clips. I hope I never forget that again.