Saturday, February 7, 2015

Don't Waste Your Time

Yesterday, we went over to hang with my pal KK and her kids after school.  On Thursday, she was like, "Do you want to come over for Happy Hour at our house after school tomorrow?"  We've done this once before, and works perfectly - one of us purchases prosecco, and then we let our boys, who match up in age and temperament, run around the house while we calmly toast the fact that we made it to Friday afternoon.

On Thursday when we got the invitation, Abbott, her second grader, was experiencing some anger related to perceived mistreatment on the part of his older brother.

"Abbott," I said, cajoling, "don't be sad! We're coming over tomorrow!"

"Great," he said, squinting his little eyes and frowning intensely.  "You freaks are coming for Happy Time."

That really cracked me up.  He's right.  These freaks would never miss Happy Time.


mm said...

I hope he was less disgruntled by the time you freaks left.

LH said...

Freaks. I need to meet this kid.