Friday, February 6, 2015

Room Without a Roof

Oh, Winter.  Your weeks stretch out like chewed Laffy Taffy.  Luckily, we made it to Friday once again.  The students have been working on some projects related to descriptive writing and lit circle books.  They're productive and happy, and they don't need me.

You know what happens then, right?  I get bored and start distracting them from their work.  Tapping their shoulders and pretending it wasn't me.  Stuff like that.  You can tell they're like, "Please leave me alone.  I'm writing." I know I should.  I'm going to try my best.


mm said...

I totally feel the same when students are working!

LH said...

If you come down to Thirdland, you'll be with students who never don't want teacher attention. They actively seek it out all day long. It has its ups and downs. You always feel loved and needed. The downs are probably obvious.